Putting on Your Happy Face

Do you ever feel like this?  You project a perfect picture of confidence, happiness and strength, but inside, you are a mess! If you had the choice, you’d just sit down and cry.

We all feel like that sometimes.  There are times when we simply need to put on our happy face for a little while and just get through the tough times. Life has a habit of throwing curve balls our way and if we broke down and cried or lost our temper every time something didn’t go our way or according to plan, we’d spend a lot of time unhappy.

The challenge becomes when the happy face becomes glued on and we start to buy our own lies.  We are all human; we have tough days; we experience disappointment and at some point, we need to acknowledge our very human feelings and work through them.  Those emotions are there and when we don’t acknowledge them and work through them, the negativity affects us emotionally and eventually, physically.

I am so fortunate to have a great support network of people that I can talk to openly and freely about challenges, frustrations,  joys and  successes. They support me when I’m struggling, they ask me tough questions and they pat me on the back when things go well.  They know I am there for them as well.

It’s comforting to know there are people in our lives who know us well enough to see past the happy face we project to the world.

Do you have a strong support network of trusted friends and advisers to turn to when you are struggling? Who do you turn to for guidance and assistance?

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