You’re a Thief and We Know It Part II

On Monday’s blog, I shared an example of how one store we visited over the weekend chose to view their customers and potential customers as thieves.  Yes, there are dishonest people out there, but they are in the minority.

It’s important to remember that the same holds true to internal customers, to the employees we rely on to help us take care of and grow our business.   By far the majority of them are honest.

Some supervisors and managers choose to treat all employees like gossiping, lazy, time thieves, because of the actions of a few.  They watch their employees like a hawk, waiting to pounce on any infraction of the long list of “thou shalt” and “thou shalt not” rules.  When an employee finds a new transgression that has not yet been outlined in detail, a new policy is written and implemented, effective immediately, that penalizes all employees, including the majority who dutifully toe the line.

This type of mistrust, lack of respect and blanket punishment creates a culture of fear.  Creativity, enthusiasm and relationships die.  Mistrust, apathy and back-stabbing flourish.

Yes, there are some employees who are gossiping, lazy, time thieves.  The answer is to deal with those individuals, and to then continue to respect and value the honest, hard-working employees who contribute to an organizations success.

Supervisors and managers that assume the worst of their employees will get what they expect.  Supervisors and managers that assume the best of their employees will also get what they expect.  Expect the best, respect your team and reap the rewards.

3 thoughts on “You’re a Thief and We Know It Part II

  1. I find that not only do we get the worst from employees when we expect the worst from them, but over time we are stuck with the worst employees. The employees with options, pride, or a low tolerance for idiots quickly move on, leaving the manager stuck with a team of people who lack the talent or options to leave. A self-fulfilling prophecy fulfilled.

    • What makes me chuckle is how these long-term employees are then lauded for their loyalty and commitment to the company, based entirely on how long they had been collecting a paycheque, as opposed to the quality or quantity of work completed.

      • Loyalty, stability, and continuity are great things, but should not be confused with fear, apathy, and lack of motivation or options.

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