She Broke the Rules

My dad is getting older and every time he tries to put his shoes on standing up when leaving our home, I’m scared he is going to fall down. The obvious solution; buy a small bench or stool for placement in the front entry.

And so my search began.  It wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped. We are in a condo which meant a small-scaled stool was needed.  After numerous shops, unable to find what I was looking for, I finally found a beautiful stool, with a linen covered cushion.  The problem, it was on clearance and all sales were final.

I took the chance, put the box in my cart and went home.  When I got home and opened the box, I realized that the stool must have been a return.  It was not packed correctly, the directions to put it together were missing and so was the hardware to do so.  Figuring out how to put the stool together was not a problem, but I did not have the hardware I needed.  And so I brought the stool back to the store.

I didn’t bring it back hoping for a refund; I just hoped they had extra hardware so I could build the stool.  The young lady that helped me went above and beyond. When I explained the problem, she scanned the barcode, saw there were three stools in stock and went to look for hardware or a replacement stool.  After about 10 minutes she returned.  She simply could not find the stools and offered to refund my money, even though my sales receipt clearly said FINAL SALE.  When I thanked her for breaking the rules, she simply said “That stool was no good to you like that. We want you to be happy with your purchase.”

I took a chance when I purchased that stool.  I knew there was a risk buying it “as is”.  I’ve taken that risk before and by far the majority of the time, it has paid off.  The young lady did not have to give me my money back.  My sales receipt clearly stated the conditions of the sale, but as a service professional she took it upon herself to put the customer ahead of the policy.

And the result … I ended up purchasing a beautiful print to put on the wall next to the new bench I knew I would eventually find elsewhere.  The print cost twice as much as the “as is” stool.

Moral of the story:  Putting the customer first is good for business.

3 thoughts on “She Broke the Rules

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  2. Hi Laurie, isn’t great when you find good people to work with? She apparently knew what was more important and given the power to act on her own when the policy said differently. Smart business owner also. 🙂

    • Very smart business owner indeed. It is sometimes the owner/manager that keep policy/procedures front and center and deny employees the opportunity to do the right thing. This business gets it … and my money as a result of that!

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