Location, location, location

Would you go to a business with great service if a similar business, with poor service, was more convenient?

Your answer might be “It depends”.

There are times when convenience trumps service. When you realize you’re out of eggs an hour before your family arrives for Sunday brunch, you’ll probably go to the nearby store with indifferent employees instead of driving 15 minutes to get eggs from the store with friendly employees.

Many poor-service businesses are in business because they are convenient.  But, companies that count on the convenience factor to drive business, instead of the service factor, leave money on the table. Their customers do not visit as often and when they do, they tend to get only what they need right now, instead of filling their cart with extras. Their customers are also very willing to cut and run when a competitor opens up nearby, especially if the competitor also provides good service.

When a company focuses on creating a great service experience, their customers feel valued and customers who feel valued are:

  • Less price conscious
  • More likely to try new product or service offerings
  • Happy to provide referrals to family, friends and colleagues
  • Less likely to cut and run when a competitor opens up nearby

Besides, who wants to be known as the business people “have to go to” when you could be known as the business people “want to go to”?

2 thoughts on “Location, location, location

    • I think we’ve all been in that situation Ray. I am always amazed at the complacency of businesses that assume because they are the only show in town (or in the neighbourhood) their success is guaranteed and they don’t need to put in as much effort. Short term thinking!

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