The Importance of Habits

In The CEO Code, the author, David Rohlander dedicates an entire chapter to the topic of habits.  The importance of positive, productive habits is not a sexy or glamorous topic.  Perhaps that’s why it doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

Habits make or break careers.  Negative habits get in the way of success.  Positive habits help you achieve personal and professional goals.

Regardless of the title a person holds or if their desk is in a cubicle or a corner office, it is important to look at the habits held and practiced and then work on replacing the bad habits with good habits.

For example, CEO’s, sales managers, receptionists, accountants all benefit when poor time management habits are eliminated.  Many of us get stuck in the rut of completing a task a certain way and with a small tweak, could reduce the amount of time spent or perhaps even provide someone else the opportunity to take on the challenge.

Make it a habit, a ritual, a must to acknowledge the people you work with, instead of rushing to your desk to start on a busy day.  This creates opportunities for dialogue and improved relationships.

Instead of jumping headfirst into your day, make it a habit to start each day with reflection.  Spend some time focusing on your personal and professional goals, your successes and your challenges.  This mental mind shift from “must get done” to a long-term, big picture perspective helps prioritize during the rest of the day.

Do you want to become a better communicator?  Identify your poor habits and replacing them with better habits.  Instead of automatically jumping in with suggestions or solutions to problems, make it a habit to ask questions and provide opportunities for others to develop solutions.

The CEO Code is filled with practical advice and tips on how to be a better leader.  One sure way to achieve personal or professional success, is to develop strong, positive habits.

(Thank you to Career Press for the opportunity to read and review David Rohlander’s book, The CEO Code.)

3 thoughts on “The Importance of Habits

  1. Hi Laurie, great post. Reflection is a very important key tool for us to use for growth. Thinking back through a situation may help us to handle things differently next time. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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