Is What You Know Boxing You in?

It’s been said that what we don’t know chains us; that lack of knowledge holds us back and keep us from realizing our full potential.

That is true.  But knowledge can close minds as easily as it opens them.  Knowledge has shuttered opportunity, slammed doors and killed dreams.

When we know, or everyone around us knows, something won’t work, we don’t try. When we know we’re not good enough or smart enough or rich enough or poor enough, we give up before we start.

Compassion dies and conflict flourishes when knowledge is used to judge others who have chosen to live or act differently than what we know (believe) to be right.

When we know young people are lazy and old people have lost their usefulness, we lose the opportunity to see our world from a new perspective and perhaps, in the process, gain new insight and new ideas.

A long time ago, we knew that the sun revolved around the earth, bloodletting with leeches was an effective medical practice, that a woman’s place was in the home and that smoking was cool.

Knowledge is fluid.  Recognize, value and respect the knowledge, experience and wisdom you have, but don’t stop pushing against boundaries of that knowledge.


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