Four Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Straight-forward and consist communication by management to their team members improves employee morale.  Employees feel appreciated and valued when:

1.       They are kept in the loop.  When you keep your employees in the dark, rumours start.  If there is some information you can’t share, share what you can and let them know more information is coming.  Invite them to come to you with questions and concerns.
2.       They are asked to provide input and ideas.  Employees know way more than they are given credit for.  Great ideas don’t need an office or a title.  Don’t wait for them to come to you with their ideas. Go to them and ask.
3.       They are listened to.  Don’t ask them for ideas if you have no intention of listening to them.
4.       Their suggestions are acted upon.  No, you may not be able to act on all of them but there are bound to be some you can implement.  For the ideas that won’t work, explain why. 

3 thoughts on “Four Ways to Improve Employee Morale

  1. Laurie – I appreciate your keep-it-simple approach !! Three quick ones that come to mind: 1) When we look at systems theory (back to the basics) and really think about how much we know about the simplest of systems, we realize how some of our interventions can become overwhelming, 2) I’m reminded of espoused theory versus theory in practice (Argyris), and 3) Epistemology. Thanks again.

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