Mondays are Great Days!

Years ago, I was flying home from a week of meetings.  On the plane next to me, was an older gentleman. We started chatting and it turned out he was heading home after a week-long visit with his grandchildren and in just a few weeks, would be heading out again, this time with his wife on a long-planned trip of a lifetime.

I made a comment along the lines of how I could hardly wait until I was able to travel purely for pleasure, instead of work.  He turned to me and very quietly said “Don’t wish your life away.”

Those words have stayed with me.  There were days when my children were young, that I longed for the peace and quiet of a childless home.  I now have that.  My children are grown up. They are living their own lives and and now I look forward to the days when they are all home again and the house is filled with stories and laughter.

Each and every day brings new opportunities, new challenges and when it’s gone, it is gone forever. Enjoy each day to it’s fullest, even Mondays!

Have a great week.

2 thoughts on “Mondays are Great Days!

  1. Oh Laurie, I have had those words said to me also. We do need to take and enjoy one day at a time, as we do not know how many days we have been given. I have a young friend who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer recently and each day has become a bit more precious to me. 🙂

    • A friend recently passed the one year mark of being cancer free. I asked her how she was going to celebrate that and she replied “I celebrate each and every day now.” I imagine we can’t truly understand that feeling unless we’ve been through that very difficult journey, but to even get just a bit of that, to try and appreciate each and every day, including Mondays, is important.

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