Wednesday Wisdom from Others

Here are three blog posts that when I read them, I paused, reflected and then read again.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  • Broc Edwards at fool with a plan takes a no holds barred approach to HR.  Be prepared .. this blog post, That’s Why They Pay You, is an in your face challenge to many a company’s perception on why people should show up for work.
  • Dan Rockwell’s post Death to Bobble Head Leaders challenges leaders to look for disruption, to ask for new ideas, to go against the status quo.  And for those that refuse, don’t complain about status quo results.
  • In his blog post, Set Employees Up to Win – Not Fail, Neil Ducoff’s takes a look at many of the reasons (excuses) we pull out of our back pockets when employees don’t perform to standard.  Very often it’s us … not them.

Do you have some great ideas, questions to share?  You can do so here or on Facebook.

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