Four Reasons to Treat Your Employees Well

“I’ve had it with major companies that take advantage of their young employees…..telling them to go home after 2 hours; unscheduled days off at the last minute; accusing them of ‘not being sick’; telling them, ‘school doesn’t matter, work comes first’; short changing them in pay, etc….ENOUGH ALREADY!.”

This is a status update posted by a Facebook friend recently.  Unfortunately, there are still some companies in the service industry that just don’t get it.  They treat their employees poorly, as disposable and replaceable, and then complain about high employee-turn over and bad attitudes.

It makes financial sense to treat your employees with respect, integrity and fairness.

  1. Reducing turn-over saves on recruitment and training costs.
  2. Being recognized as a best place to work means potential employees come to you first, giving you the first chance to hire service stars.
  3. Treating your employees well turns the employee, their friends and their families into ambassadors and loyal customers.
  4. Happy, engaged employees that feel valued and respected give better service than mistreated, disgruntled employees who are just waiting for an opportunity to get out and work somewhere else.

Your reputation for service excellence starts with the value you place on the contribution your employees make.  If you want to be known for excellent customer service, take care of those who take care of your customers.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any examples to share?

(This is a revision of a blog originally posted in November 2011.  I had the opportunity to spend an evening with three young people recently and all shared examples of incredibly poor service by previous hospitality employers. Their experiences soured them to our industry.  It’s too bad … we’ve lost three good ones.)

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