So You Want a Job? Five Tips to Help you Get One.

While sitting in a hotel lobby recently, waiting for someone to unlock the door to a meeting room, I observed a young woman in oversized jeans and a green hoodie walk in the hotel. I’m not sure when her hair last saw a comb.  She walked up to the front desk, thumbs hooked into the front pocket of her jeans and asked the person at the front desk if they were hiring.  When asked what job she was looking for she responded “I don’t know. Whatever you have.”

Common sense is not nearly as common as we’d like it to be. Tourism, hospitality and retail all provide entry level jobs for people wanting to enter the workforce.  But just because the jobs are entry level, does not mean professionalism is not required.

For people looking to enter the workforce, here are five tips to help you be successful in your search.

  1. Look the part.  Oversize jeans, hoodies, ripped or stained clothes are all out.  This is also not the time to throw on the mini-skirt and low cut top.  Ditto with sneakers and stilettos.  Wash and comb your hair!
  2. Project confidence.  Stand tall, no slouching. Get your hands out of your pockets.  Put a smile on your face.
  3. Be able to answer the question “What job are you looking for?”  If you want to work front desk, say so.  If you are looking for a hostessing job, say so.  If you are open to other opportunities, say so.
  4. Come alone.  Don’t bring all your friends with you to “hang out” while you fill in the application form.
  5. Know what information will be asked for on the application form. Some companies have their application forms available for download on-line.  Hand in a completed form along with a resume.

First impressions count and that includes impressing the first potential co-worker you see in the store.  If you don’t, your application may never get to the manager’s desk.

What other words of advice do you have for young workers looking for a job?

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