It’s Feel Good Friday Again!

Great customer service isn’t always about the grand gestures. Great customer service is also about the day-to-day acts of service that say “You are not just a customer.  You are a person.  I see you, not a customer.  I will do everything I can to make your day a little bit better.”

Great customer service is about genuinely friendliness; it’s about making the customer feel valued in simple, but significant ways, every day.

Example 1:  How to Provide Great Service even When You Can’t Give the Customer What He Wants

An elderly gentleman approached a sales associate and asked if they sold thermoses.   Without looking up from the items she was organizing on the shelf, the sales associate said “No. We don’t.” (Wait, the good part is coming!)  He looked disappointed and walked over to the kitchen section of the store, probably thinking she just didn’t want to be bothered to help him out.  As he got close, a different sales associate asked him if she could be of assistance. He explained he was looking for a thermos.  She said “I know we used to have them.  I don’t think we carry those anymore.  Let me find out for sure. ” She then asked him to take a seat while he waited. She came back with the bad news.  No, they didn’t carry them anymore but she’d taken the time to find out which store did.  Nicely done!

Example 2: She Always, Always, Always has a Smile on her Face

Rosa works at Subway and no matter how long the line, no matter how rushed and perhaps slightly grumpy her customers are, I have never seen Rosa look like she would rather be anywhere else but at work. Rosa greets each person with a smile.  She never gives away even a hint of impatience when the line is long and the customer in front of her can’t decide what toppings should go on their sub.  When the occasional customer complains the line is moving too slow, she apologizes sincerely and completes the order with a smile, a thank you and an “Enjoy your lunch, sir.”  I’ve watched Rosa’s patience with her co-workers as well, especially the new ones.  New employees slow down the line.  Rosa is never impatient with them either.  In her quiet, friendly way, Rosa does her part in making the lives of those she serves a little bit brighter.

I’m sure you know or have been served by some great service providers; people who show up every day with a great attitude, a smile and a desire to help their customers in any way they can.   I’d love to hear about them.  Please share your story here or on my Facebook page.


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