Create an Inspiration Board at Work

Wednesday’s blog (click here to read) focused on ways to encourage creativity in your team.  The next step is providing team members with different ways to share their ideas or their customer’s suggestions.

Some team members will walk right up to you or willingly speak up and share at a team meeting.  Other team members prefer a less direct method of sharing their ideas and if they don’t have another avenue, you may miss out on some great ideas.

One suggestion is to create an inspiration board.  Post it in a highly visible place and make sure post-it notes and a pen are close at hand. You may even want to place it somewhere accessible by your customers.  After all, they know better than anyone what would make them happy.

Review the notes daily, thank each team member for their contribution, ask questions to clarify understanding and then share and discuss all the posted ideas at the next team meeting.

What are some other ways to make it easy and comfortable for team members to share ideas?  Please share your suggestions below or on my Facebook page.


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