The Power of “I Appreciate You”

Rewards, accolades and applause are gratifying.  Public recognition of hard work, well done, is flattering and humbling.

And yet, for me, moments that I treasure are the smaller, more intimate and personal comments that some very kind and generous people have shared with me.

It’s the unexpected email that says “You’ve been on my mind today.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you” and then goes on to detail how I have made that person’s day just a little brighter or better.  Or a comment shared by a friend that says “Thank you.  Your words give me new perspective.”

These comments are real, they are personal and they are meaningful because someone made a conscious decision to let me know how they felt. And they generally relate back to something that I don’t necessarily think worthy of special mention. They relate to things I just do.

Sometimes we get so caught up on looking for the superstars to applaud and reward, that we forget to appreciate the consistent day-to-day delivery of the necessary.

Imagine how much better our work environment could be if we let the receptionist in the front know that her bright smile every morning made our own day just a little brighter. Let the accountant know how much you appreciate their timely responses or their error free work .

Not everyone is a superstar, but everyone is a contributor.  Let them know the value of their contribution.  Taking the time to let someone know how much you appreciate them is a small, inexpensive and yet effective way to build employee morale.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “The Power of “I Appreciate You”

  1. How beautiful and true your words are! Oh how beautiful life would be for everyone that can see life through your eyes. It’ so good to know that there are still people with such beautiful hearts. Keep up the good work!

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