Taking WIN Back

Charlie Sheen and his rants about winning have perhaps slightly tarnished the reputation of the wonderful word WIN.  Perhaps, for some it had a slightly tarnished reputation anyway, because so many people believe in “win at all costs”, that other important words like integrity and honesty get trampled on and forgotten.

Since Monday of last week, the word WIN has been an important part of my day.  On Monday, I attended my first MoMonday event and Stephanie Staples of Your Life Unlimited shared this story.

Stephanie’s son is a police officer and as part of his training, he was taught the concept of WIN. Police officers are taught to ask the question “What’s Important Now?”  The importance of catching a suspect becomes less important if during a high-speed chase, the suspect turns into a quiet residential area.  At that point, the answer to “What’s Important Now?” becomes safety for the residents in the area.

Stephanie ended her story with the challenge for each of us to incorporate this question into our lives.  We may not be chasing bad guys, but are we focusing our time, our energy and our efforts on “What’s Important Now?”

There are times when a concept, a simple idea, takes root and for me, this is one of them.

When I remember WIN, I stop the trivial, daily tasks being done with the main purpose of keeping me too busy to get started on the difficult, challenging project that will ultimately move my life forward.  Three wins on that one .. reduced stress, a feeling of accomplishment when the difficult task is completed and an opportunity for positive change has been completed. Ka-ching!

When I remember WIN, I pick up the phone and call my mom and dad instead of spending another half hour on paperwork.  My win … a deeper relationship with the two people who helped make me what I am today.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, to get caught up on stuff and stopping to ask “What’s Important Now?” as helped me refocus.  Perhaps it can help you too.

What can WIN do for you? How can it make you a better leader?

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