Stop Talking!

Generally coaches and leaders are coaches and leaders because they have skills, knowledge and experience in their chosen field.  They worked hard, took risks, made mistakes, learned from those mistakes and continually challenged themselves.  Their insight and expertise is valuable to their team and the organization in which they serve.

The challenge becomes when coaches and leaders are too willing to share their insight and expertise. Coming up with answers and solutions to all questions and answers takes away the opportunity for others to take risks, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

Presenting answers to questions, a list of all possible options to a challenge or a finished plan of action, without asking the team for input, suggestions and ideas, shuts the team out.   Instead of helping to create, they are assigned tasks.  It becomes the leader’s project or challenge, not their project or challenge.

There are many ways to becoming a more effective leader or coach. One of the easiest ways, and the hardest, is to stop talking, to stop being the expert and instead start asking questions and allowing team members to participate in the process.

What do you think? 

4 thoughts on “Stop Talking!

    • Thank you Laverne. The ability to identify the potential is a key attribute of true leaders as well. It can be difficult to see past the protective barriers some people use to keep themselves safe. True leaders are able to do that as well.

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