An Example of Integrity in Action

Integrity.  It’s an easy word to throw around, but not always an easy word to live up to.  Acting with integrity in highly visible moments when actions taken and words spoken are seen and heard by many is highly commendable.  Acting with integrity in seemingly small, inconsequential moments is just as commendable and very often unrecognized.

Desiree Buban is the Front Office Manager at Four Points by Sheraton at the Winnipeg International Airport.  In her role, she is responsible for her team’s customer service and performance standards.  A tool used at the hotel to measure the reservation sales process is the mystery shop and there are incentives and rewards tied to high performance.

Last month, Desiree thought she had found an error in the mystery shop score for one of her guest service agents and she let the administrator of the program know. The unique twist to this is that it wasn’t a case of points being missed; it was a case of points being awarded that she believed shouldn’t have been.

Here’s the reality.  With over 250 mystery shops completed for over 40 hotels each and every month, the chance of that error being caught by the administrator was slim.  Desiree could easily have kept quiet, kept the extra points so that her team could reap the benefit of high scores.  No one would have been the wiser.  Instead, Desiree spoke up.  That’s integrity in action.  That’s leadership.

Do you have an example of integrity in action to share? 


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