Back in the Real World

Once again, I was reminded that all the planning, scheduling and organizing in the world mean nothing when life decides to throw you a curve ball.

I am finally up and out of bed after spending the last 32 hours curled up in bed in a ball, alternating between chills and fevers and mad dashes to the washroom.  All the many things I was going to get off my to-do list yesterday are still on that list and as I look at them now, I realize that perhaps some of them weren’t  as important as I originally thought they were.  Or that perhaps, the task will now have to be modified or simplified in order to get it done.

It’s easy to get caught up in our to-do list or in wanting to make sure everything on that to-do list is done to perfection. Sometimes, we need to cut ourselves a little slack.  Tomorrow, I am having a whole group of friends over to the house. The decorating won’t all be done like I’d hoped.  Much of the food will be be purchased with only reheating or re-plating required, instead of from scratch.  And yet, I know we will have a lovely time, getting caught up on each other’s lives and enjoying the company of friends.  In the end, the importance lies in communicating with friends, not in the decor or the food served.

As you plan your day today, take a second look at your to-do list. Are there things on that list that don’t really need to be there? Are there items that can be altered or modified so that in the end, you have time to focus, really focus, on what’s important to you?



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