What’s Your Happy Pill?

When my children were young, we always had happy pills on hand. If I’d had a tough day and wasn’t feeling my mommy best when I picked them up after work, I’d ask them for a happy pill before we got into the house.  Or if I noticed one of them wasn’t quite their exuberant self, I’d hand them a little happy pill to take on our way home.  Sometimes the pills were invisible; sometimes they were candy coated.

Of course, there isn’t a pill that magically takes away the bad and replaces it with goodness and light and as my two children grew up, we stopped playing the happy pill game.  Sometimes, I miss that silly little game.  It was such a great way to say “ I’ve had a bad day” or  “I see you’ve had a disappointing day.”  Our small happy pill ritual opened the door to hugs and further discussion.

I’ll admit that sometimes I think it would be nice to solve all the challenges, the disappointment of half successes or full on failures with a happy pill, but looking back on all those moments, I’m glad it wasn’t that easy.  If it was, I may never have learned I was strong enough to overcome challenges. I would not have learned how to pick myself up from failure and find a new or different way of achieving success.

Having said that, I believe that in some respects we do have happy pills available when we are feeling down, when things aren’t working our way, when we’re not sure we are on the right path.  My happy pills are memories that bring a smile to my face.  My happy pills are the many people in my life who bring me joy; my husband, my children and the rest of my family and family-in-law.  Instead of getting caught up in my problems, I choose to pop a happy thought into my mind.

 What do you do when you feel the world is against you? How do move your attitude from negative to can do?

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