Laughter is Seriously Good for Business

When your customers walk into your business, do they see genuine smiles and hear infectious laughter?  Or are the people you rely on to create memorable moments for your customers so focused on getting through their to-do list, they forget to smile and have fun?

There are some people who believe that work is serious business; that time spent having fun, sharing a laugh with a co-worker or going on a slurpee run is a waste of time.  And in our politically correct world, I think some people are a little scared that their laughter or their sense of humour will offend someone.

Here’s what I think. When work is fun:

  • Your team members will like coming to work more and their stress levels will be reduced, two factors which decrease absenteeism and turnover.
  • Creative solutions for challenges are easier to discover.  Being too serious limits creativity; playing with a problem invites creativity.
  • Team members laugh together and shared laughter strengthens relationships and helps promote group bonding.
  • Your customers benefit.  When the people you rely on to create memorable moments for your customers enjoy their work and like their co-workers, your customers receive genuine smiles, friendly greetings and perhaps share a moment of infectious laughter with their service provider.

So what can you do to make work a little more fun for you and your team?

  • It starts with you!  Get out of your office, smile and share a laugh with your team members.
  • Put “FUN” first on the agenda for all meetings.
  • Create a laughter bulletin board at work.  Encourage people to post jokes and cartoons. Yes, some guidelines will be required to ensure the jokes are not offensive to others.
  • Create fun events for your team, either in the workplace or off-site.  Plan a bowling night or if going out isn’t an option, purchase an inexpensive bowling toy set, set up a lane in a hallway and let the games begin!

Laughter is good for business!  What are some things you have done to make work fun?


Laughing babies make me laugh every time.  This one is a sure fire winner.  Perhaps you’ll like it too.  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Laughter is Seriously Good for Business

    • Dave, thank you. I am truly honored that you find my words inspiring. 2012 has been a fabulous year, in large part due to the support and kindness of the many people I have met on-line. As you know, I am a big fan of your blog and thank you in return for the inspiration you have shared.

    • Funny! Yes, I imagine in your business the use of appropriate humour is more difficult to achieve. Although based on one of your previous blog posts, I am sure it is there. Let me know when your book “There Is Only one Family called the Waltons” is published! (And if I did not remember the title correctly, I apologize, but still want to read it!)

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