The Party’s Over. Let the Work Begin

It’s 6:09 am and I am exhausted.  I am also exhilarated, energized and invigorated.  This is the first normal day I’ve had since last week Friday.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday have been filled with learning, laughter, challenges, inspiration and perhaps, occasionally, some fear.   I have been surrounded by some of the most generous, humble, intelligent, funny and talented people I have ever met.  I was at a convention for professional speakers.

This is not so much to tell you about my experience as to ask you, “When is the last time you walked out of a meeting, a gathering or a convention, with the knowledge that the last hour hour, evening, day or weekend was going to make a difference in your life?”

And the next question then becomes “What did you do about it?”  The inspiration and the ideas shared and generated is the easy part. The hard part is after, when you’re in your office, looking at all the action items and ideas written down, some circled or highlighted, and then acting on them.

Like many, many of you, I’ve been here before … exhilarated, energized and invigorated with a list of meaningful, important actions I vowed to take.  And like many of you, most of those action items were tucked away for a time when I wasn’t so busy.

Here are three things I’ve done already so this time will be different.

  1. Joined the 100-Day Track.  For those of us in this track at the convention, it’s not over.  For the next 100 days, we will continue to be challenged, poked, prodded and held accountable to the goals and action items we committed to.
  2. Found a convention buddy. One of the speakers at our convention invited us to buddy up with the person sitting next to us and to commit to talk, once a week, for the next three weeks, about the changes we’d implemented as a result of the convention.  Our first call is next week Monday.
  3. Shortened my very long list of “must-do” ideas to ten, prioritized and dated them.  The other ideas aren’t lost. When the first ten are done, I’ll go back to that list and review again.  For me, long lists are overwhelming and overwhelming leads to procrastination; short lists I can tackle.

What about you? What are some things you do to ensure great ideas are not lost and forgotten, but are instead acted on?

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