What’s for Lunch?

I mean a real lunch break.  Not the kind of lunch where you grab a granola bar out of the emergency stash in your drawer and eat it as you run to your next meetings.  Not the kind of lunch that involves you plunked in front of your computer trying to finish yet another report or answer another urgent email, as your soup gets cold and you absently take a bite out of the sandwich you brought from home or grabbed at the cafeteria.

I mean the kind of lunch break where you get out from behind your desk and you sit down and talk to the people you work with; where you share stories about weekend activities, favourite movies, or upcoming family celebrations.  Or, if your head and heart simply are not in conversation mode, then read a book or go for a walk.

Heavy workloads seem to be our new normal, but not taking a break doesn’t make the workload any lighter.

Two key benefits of taking a break are:

  1. You feel energized and more focused, two things necessary to help get through a heavy workload in less time.
  2. You get to know the people you work with as people, instead of names and occupations.

The easiest way to remember to take a break is to schedule it in your calendar.  You place all your other important meetings and events in there right? Add lunch.

Happy Friday … and enjoy your lunch!

4 thoughts on “What’s for Lunch?

  1. You’re welcome. It is very often the first thing we scratch from our “to-do” list, yet even a 20 minute break will help us complete the rest of the stuff on the list with more focus. Hope you have a great lunch break today!

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