Don’t let Policy Trump Service

Creating service standards and setting policies and procedures provides your service team a framework to work within.  Service standards, policies and procedures help create consistent customer experiences.   They support your company’s service promise.

But … service standards, policies and procedures will never cover every eventuality that your customers throw at you.  They are guidelines that apply to the majority of situations, but when they don’t, service oriented companies are willing to adjust, alter and tweak those standards, policies and procedures to make sure the customer’s experience is positively memorable, whenever possible.

They ask  … what is the purpose behind this standard, policy or procedure?  Is it customer-focused? Why was it created? Does it improve the customer service experience?

Better  yet, ask the people who are responsible for delivering the service standards, policies or procedures. They are a wealth of information.  They can help decide if a policy need to be tweaked, if a major overhaul is required or if it is even necessary at all.

When creating or reviewing your standards, policies and procedures, take some time to consider when exceptions may be required and plan for them so that your service team knows that excellent customer service trumps policy.


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