Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving Monday in Canada and I have so much to be thankful for.

… I, along with my fellow Canadians, enjoy a level of wealth, safety and freedom many live without.

… I live in a beautiful city recognized for diversity, volunteerism and generosity.  The vast majority of people who call Winnipeg home celebrate and embrace the diverse cultures represented in our city.  We answer calls for help, some urgent, many on-going.

… I am challenging a dream.  For years, I wanted to have my own business and this month will be Servicedge Training & Consulting’s two year anniversary.  It has evolved from a partnership to just me holding the roles of owner, receptionist, accountant and I love it!  Better yet, the majority of my clients seem to like my work too! Phew …

… I am surrounded by people who love me.

My parents, who have never wavered in their love and support, even during those times when I defied, pushed and tested that love.

My twin brother who has a big, big heart hidden underneath a somewhat gruff exterior and an inner strength that has kept him going when others may have broken.

My brother’s wonderful wife who has a heart at least as big as my brother’s heart, inner calm and serenity plus  a devilish sense of humour!

My baby sister who can make me laugh so hard I cry and whose generosity and kind spirit sometimes means she forgets that in order to care for others, she needs to care for herself first.

My new family … you welcomed me with open arms and hearts five years ago when I married your son/brother/nephew/grandson/ cousin.  The joy, the laughter, the strong sense of family you share is a treasure beyond compare.

My small circle of close friends who laugh with me, cry with me, challenge me, support me, share your stories, your joys, your tears.  Even though we don’t seem to get together as often as we’d like, I know you’re there.

My two children, who have grown into strong, independent people, who love me in spite of all the things I wish I had done or not done or done differently, who have hearts and minds open to love and opportunities.

And last, but most definitely not least, my husband.  Five years ago, he took me, my two kids, and a cat into his heart and his life.  Brave, brave man!  His love and his support are my two rocks of stability in an ever changing, busy world.  His dry, quirky humour means laughter is never far off.  He challenges me when necessary and other times, he wraps me in a hug full of love and support.

… I am also thankful for awards!  Thank you Dave at Lead.Learn.Live for nominating me for the “Family of Bloggers Award”.  I ventured into the blogging world about two years ago and still feel like a stranger in a foreign country!  Perhaps because I didn’t bring a map with me and for some reason, still haven’t picked one up.   Here are my nominees.  Special thanks to the following bloggers for your support, the inspiration, the laughter, the tears and the many times your words or images challenged me to think in new ways.

8 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

    • The one thing wrong with lists is when someone is missed. Your posts range from funny, to thought provoking and sometimes just a little controversial. I always look forward to your blog. Thank you for the visit and for your support.

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