Very often we create our own limitations. Great post on Linked 2 Leadership talking about how changing our perspective of ourselves can create opportunities previously undreamed of.

Linked 2 Leadership



Abby is undeniably beautiful. Soulful eyes, flowing hair, articulate, alert. She is fiercely loyal and protective of those she loves. Everyone sees her potential, but she’s stuck by the limitations of her past.

Abby is my neighbor’s dog. And she’s in search of purpose and significance.

A Rough Start

Showing up mysteriously on my neighbor’s front porch one day, this beautiful Collie was muddy, desperate, injured, and full of fear.

Only God knows what she must have endured.

So, my neighbors did this:

  • Adopted her
  • Got her medical attention
  • Cleaned her up
  • They feed her
  • Bought her toys
  • Spend time with her
  • Loved her unconditionally

She is now a very fortunate dog, and she has everything at her disposal to be content, happy, and purposeful.

But she can’t seem to get beyond her past.

Unfortunately, though, she doesn’t know it..

  • She’s still nervous
  • Barks erratically
  • Is threatened…

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