Don’t Forget the Experts on the Front Line

“Take the attitude of a student; never too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.”  – Og Mandino

The quickest way to fall behind is to assume there is nothing left to learn. The quickest way to lose your way is to stop asking questions.

As leaders move up the ladder and become further removed from day-to-day interactions with customers and the daily tasks taken care of by those in the front lines, it becomes increasingly important for leaders to schedule regular visits with the people they count on to keep their customers happy.

Customer expectations have changed and technology has changed since leaders were making their climb up the ladder.   Front line team members are on the front line right now.

The people who interact with customers every single day are a veritable fount of information.  What do your customers really think about the new product you are offering? Are they as thrilled with the changes to your loyalty program as the research and focus groups suggested they would be?  Are customers regularly indicating a need, wish or desire that you just might be able to add to what you currently provide?

By all means, conduct research, hold focus groups, send out surveys and rely on past experience but don’t forget to include insight from your front line team.  When you ask your team questions, you may be surprised at how much they can teach you.

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