Feel Good Friday – Meet a Service Star

It’s easy to come up with examples of service experiences that range from the mediocre to the outright lousy. But every once in a while, I like to use this space to introduce you to a service star.  Here is today’s shining example of what service can be.

Jason works at the Canada Post counter in my local Shoppers Drug Mart. When I walk in and see he is working, I believe my perfect timing is a reward for something I did right that day.  I know my day is going to be just a little brighter when I leave.

Jason doesn’t just smile; he exudes joy.  Jason does not wait for the customer to reach the counter before he acknowledging them; he makes eye contact and smiles  as soon as he sees someone heading in his direction.  Jason makes each person feel that they are the most important person that walked up to the counter that day.   He is a living, breathing example of someone who cares, truly cares, about his customers.

I know there are others just like Jason out there.  Is there a service star that regularly brightens your day?  Why not take a moment to introduce them to us?

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