Relationship First, Sale Second

What do you offer that will help address a pain, a need, a problem, a wish, a dream or a goal that I have?  If you sincerely want to make my life just a little bit better by helping me relieve or achieve one of the above, instead of spouting off a bunch of statistics that tell me 78% of your customers like your service or product because (fill in the blank), you’ll ask me questions designed to help you match what you offer to what I want or need.

And if you don’t have what I want or need, instead of trying to get me to change so that what you offer works, you’ll tell me where I can find what I’m looking for, even if that means sending me to your competitor.  If you do that, I may not buy from you this time, but you will absolutely be my first stop when I do need what you offer and you will be the first company I tell my family, friends and colleagues to go to when they need what you have.

Why?  Because you demonstrated that you cared about me more than you cared about the sale, and when you do that, I trust you, I like you and I want to do business with you, even if that means I may need to change my expectations in order to do so.

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