In the Big Apple

English: A Toyota Prius hybrid taxi in New Yor...

Not our cab, but could have been!

Yesterday after a long travel day, I arrived in New York City with my husband and daughter.  This city has been in my bucket list for a long, long time!

Our adventure began with a pleasant surprise.  The taxi we arranged to get us to the airport arrived a few minutes early and with a friendly driver!  I deliberately booked the cab 15 minutes earlier than required because they usually show up late.  I think it is a little sad that on-time and friendly is a bit of wow.

And when we arrived, our cab driver doubled as a tour guide.  He pointed out some sights and gave us an indication how to get to some places from our hotel on foot.  Overall, a wonderful introduction to New York.

The taxi driver plays a key role in any city’s tourism industry. As the first and last point of contact, the impression they make lasts!

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