Service with No Strings Attached

On Friday, I met with the owner of a company here in Winnipeg regarding an e-learning platform they provide.  It was an initial meeting and I was impressed, not only with the platform itself, but with his commitment to service. In addition to walking me through his platform and showing me all the bells and whistles, the owner took the time to show me the software program they use to incorporate interactive elements into the courses they develop for clients. Why did this impress me? Because he also told me that I didn’t need his company in order to use that software.  It was available on-line for me to purchase, download and start using right now.

He even took the time to show me how easy it was to use. Granted, his well-trained team of techies can do more, in a shorter amount of time than I can, but the program had been designed for people just like me;  wanna-be techies who don’t have the time or inclination to learn the intricacies of visual basic coding.

The owner saw my pain.  He understood the challenges regarding making e-learning fun, dynamic and interactive and offered me an immediate solution, no strings attached.  I imagine that is why his company has grown so rapidly and has won numerous awards. By understanding the importance of relationships, of solving pain, of serving with no strings attached, the likelihood of a signed contract is greatly increased.

2 thoughts on “Service with No Strings Attached

  1. Laurie,

    The owner definitely comes across as somebody who is very confident in his company’s product and understands that you can receive a lot when you give a lot. I like doing business with people like this.

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