The Possibility within Us All


Quidam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam.  It was a jaw dropping, awe-inspiring demonstration of the amazing potential that each one of us carries within ourselves.

The imagination, the creativity, the grace and the pure, raw strength of the performers was a reminder to me that we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.

Yes, it takes work; yes, it takes dedication, and yes, it takes the courage to fall down and then get back up, but the results are so worth the effort.  Most of us are not going to fly through the air or create magic with twin ribbons of red silk but most of us have some dream within that wants to break free from the boundaries that we have placed on ourselves.

I, for one, have always wanted to write a novel; something that, for a short time, pulls the reader into a different world.  Before the end of this weekend, I will be signed up for a writing class.  It’s time to take that first step to achieving a dream.

Is there something you have always wanted to do?  Something you’ve always imagined you would be or would do?

Go ahead … you can do it!

6 thoughts on “The Possibility within Us All

  1. Congratulations on starting the writing class! I am working on a travel book as well describing a lot of the funny annecdotes from our “hosted cruises and tours” (No names mentioned).
    My dream is to climb Kilimanjaro but I think I have to shed 50 pounds first which is the really hard part. Have a GREAT weekend Laurie!

    • With all the travel you’ve done, I’d love to read that book! And if you climb Kilamanjaro, take lots of pictures. That would be such a phenomenal experience. I’d be happy with getting to base camp. Hmmm .. maybe, I’ll add that to my list.

      • Went to the Machame Gate last year in May to meet with the Park Warden. It was raining and foggy so I was not able to see the mountain. Waived good bye to three French girls as they ventured into the fog, very brave.

  2. I have always wanted you to write a book too ! Lord knows that you have done enough research with all the books that you read. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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