Let Your Light Shine

There was a song I used to sing back in Sunday school. The song was about not hiding our light, but instead letting it shine for all to see.

That simple children’s song came back to me recently and as I listened to it, I realized that for me, today, there is added meaning as well.

1.  Be proud of the skills, the talents, the abilities and the experience you have.  Value them and respect them. Don’t be shy about admitting you own them.  That doesn’t mean being arrogant; it means confident, self-assurance.

2.  As a leader, be the person who brings hope and guidance during tough times.  Be the bright light when things look dark.  Be honest not hopeless.  Don’t gloss over the challenges, but instead help lead your team out of the dark.

3.  And the other thing about candles, the more you have, the brighter it gets. As a leader, help others shine brightly as well.

It’s Monday folks … go ahead… let your light shine!

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