Put Your Best Foot Forward

My daughter is on the hunt for a full-time job.  Amy plans on exploring this wonderful world of ours and for that, needs money!  Her job search is still fairly new but in one week, she has encountered the following:

A job posting that was clearly designed to lure candidates in.   For those of us familiar with the job market, we can spot those false, whitewashed want ads and steer clear.  You’ve all seen them. The ads that state no experience required, paid weekly, bonus incentives, no cold calling and the chance to make between $45,000 and $65,000 in your first year.  False, false, false!  It’s all sales, it’s all cold calling and very, very few of the people hired end up making that kind of money.  These ads are designed to appeal to the young, the inexperienced or the desperate.

My question to these companies is “Why can’t you be up front and honest in your recruitment ads?”  Yes, it may reduce the number of applicants that you get, but at least the ones that you do get know what they are applying for.  In my mind, it’s a matter of respect and not wasting the valuable time of the potential candidate or the employee who has to do the interviewing.

An interview that started late because the manager could not get there in time.   I get it. Things happen.   As a potential employer, if you are running late, have the courtesy to let the candidate know ahead of time.  Being late for an interview demonstrates a lack of respect for the candidate and for the candidate’s time.  Plus, I would venture to guess that if it was my daughter who was late for the interview, she would immediately be taken of the “possible hire” list.

In both of these instances, the potential employer demonstrated a lack of integrity and a lack of respect for the potential candidate.   It makes one wonder if they are any different with the people already working for them?

There are lots of young people, just like my daughter, who want to find work so that they can finance their dream, whether that dream is travel or advanced education.  Many of these young people will stay at an organization only until they have fulfilled their initial objective, which is to get enough money to take on their next challenge.

But while they are with you, they are a reflection of your company, so if you want the best, even if only for a short time, make sure you are sending a message that attracts the best.  Remember, it’s not just the candidate who has to make a positive first impression at the interview … so do you!

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