Things I’ve Learned from My Cat

Six years ago Mika joined our family.  Mika’s owner was moving to New Zealand and Mika needed a new home.

It took a while for Mika to trust us and when she did, it was immediately obvious that my husband was her favorite.  When Chad walks in the door, Mika runs from wherever she is to greet him; she rubs against his legs and lets him know just how happy she is to see him again.  Mika has no problem letting him know she considers him pretty darn special and while Chad won’t admit it, I think he really loves being loved!  And who doesn’t?  How much better would our home and work environments be if we made a special effort to let others know how much we appreciate them and their efforts?  I’ve heard people say that it shouldn’t be necessary to thank someone for just doing what they are supposed to.  I say, why not?!

A few months ago, Mika’s life got a little more complicated.  My daughter brought home a very lively, rambunctious kitten and Mika is not adjusting to the change well.  Mika hisses and snarls pretty much every time Finnegan walks by. Sometimes she gets so worked up that she starts hissing at anyone who gets close.  As I was watching her and wondering why she didn’t just relax, I realized that Mika is very much like a lot of people, sometimes even me.  When we focus on our frustrations, we become more and more stressed and pretty soon, we’re growling at anyone that gets close to us.  In order for our lives and the lives of those around us to be less stressful and more pleasant, we need to learn to let things go instead of focusing on the frustrations.

As you start your week, I encourage you to appreciate those around you, both at home and at work.  And the next time you are frustrated, find a way to let it go!  Those two small things will not only make others feel better, you’ll feel better as well.

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