Find Your Extra

My husband and I recently put our house up for sale. Within just a few days of our listing going public, we received at least a dozen mailers from various moving companies.

My husband and I have already made our moving arrangements but with my background in marketing, I was curious as to just how each of these companies was going to encourage me pick up the phone and call.

For the most part, all the offerings / mailers were very similar. All the companies offered a free in-home consultation, most offered free packing material and all offered both short and long term storage solutions. There was one company though that stood out from the rest.  They provided us with something useful we could use whether or not we booked with them.

Included in the envelope was a list of things that needed to be taken care of when making a move to a new home.   This list is now on my fridge.  It lists all the agencies and services that need to be notified of an address change.  It even includes a list of all the things that need to be done on moving day.

They understand that when someone is making a move, it’s not just about transferring personal belongings from one location to another location.  Making a move includes lots of little details that could potentially be forgotten in the chaos.  They identified the pain, found a way to address it and shared that in their sales process.

What product or service can or do you provide over and above the obvious?  What hidden pain can you help your customers and potential customers address?

2 thoughts on “Find Your Extra

  1. Excellent idea Laurie! I know that after my passport got stolen in Los Angeles a few weeks ago
    it was hard to figure out what to do next. I will give some suggestions to my clients in the event
    it happens to them.

    • Great idea John. Having the heads up on what to do would be very helpful. Worst case scenario, they never need to use that information. Wait .. I think that is actually best case scenario, isn’t it? The reality is that things can sometimes go wrong and knowing what to do when that happens would make the process somewhat less scary.

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