What’s Your Plan B?

What a phenomenal start to the year I have had!  Most weeks, I have been booked to facilitate training sessions three day per week.   On top of that, my husband and I decided a lifestyle change was in order, so we purchased a condo and are now in the process of selling our home.  That meant taking care of all those “little things” that need to get done around the house, that were not a priority before.  There have been a lot of late nights and jam-packed weekends clearing out clutter, repainting, etc.

In my busy-ness, I let my readers down and did not get my weekly blog up on Monday.  Not only did I not keep my promise to you, missing a week or being late is a big social media no-no.

I’m a firm believer in keeping promises and my unspoken promise, but a promise none the less, was that every Monday, I would share something new with you.  My service failure helped me realize that I need to set aside time to identify other potential service breakdowns and put my plan B in place for when those happen.

This weekend, my husband and I are pretty much kicked out of our home while showings and an open house are going on.  I am going to find a great coffee shop, sit down with my laptop and write three or four articles, so that the next time I find myself in a time crunch, I will still be able to post a new message.

What is your plan B?  Do you have a contingency plan in place to help see you through those extra busy times in your life or business?  Have you taken a look at all the areas within your business where a service breakdown could occur? The reality is, those situations will arise.  I encourage you to identify what they are and also identify ways to eliminate or minimize the impact on your customers.

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