What You Give is What You Get

“How you think about your customers is how you will treat them.”  This sentiment, expressed in Bob Farrell’s “Give ‘em the Pickle” video, refers to the attitude that guest service professionals have towards their customers.

This expression also applies to supervisor’s and manager’s attitude towards their employees.  There are too many supervisors who seem to think their employees are gossiping, lazy, time thieves. They watch employees like a hawk, waiting to pounce on any infraction of the long list of “thou shalt” and “thou shalt not” rules.  And when an employee finds a new transgression that has not yet been outlined in detail, a new policy is written and implemented “effective immediately” that penalizes all employees, including the majority who dutifully toe the line.

This type of mistrust, lack of respect and blanket punishment creates a culture of fear.  Creativity, enthusiasm and relationships die.  Mistrust, apathy and back-stabbing flourish.

Yes, there are some employees who are gossiping, lazy, time thieves, but they are in the minority.  The answer is to deal with those individuals, and to then continue to respect and value the honest, hard-working employees who contribute to an organizations success.

Supervisors and managers that assume the worst of their employees will get what they expect.  Supervisors and managers that assume the best of their employees will also get what they expect.  Expect the best, respect your team and reap the rewards.

Harsh words and poor reasoning never settle anything.  – Chinese Proverb

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