Customer Service Insight: Make it Personal

I speak about the importance of customer service.  I am hired by companies to work with their service teams to create positive service moments for both internal and external customers. That means that everywhere I go, I am always assessing my service experiences and the experiences of those around me.  In most cases, the service I receive is fine; not great, but usually not that bad either.  So when I do have a great service experience, I really like to share those experiences with others.

First, a shout out to Leanne and the entire team at Enterprise Car Rental on Regent Avenue in Winnipeg. I walked into their business at 7:30 am on a cold day in January. Leanne was working that morning.  Leanne welcomed me and then reached across the desk, shook my hand and introduced herself by name!  That has never happened to me before.  She took an ordinary “moment of truth” and turned into in an extraordinary moment by personalizing the transaction.  Each and every moment of truth from that point on with Enterprise has lived up to Leanne’s initial “wow” moment.  The team at Enterprise opens the door for me, they call me while I still have the car to make sure that all is ok and they remember me when I go back.

Another great example of personalized customer service was during a recent trip to Thompson, Manitoba.  I was in line at the Winnipeg airport to catch my flight on Calm Air. The woman checking us in to our flight was an absolute joy to watch.  She made a point of looking at each and every person as they walked up to her counter.  There was a smile, there was a welcome, there was conversation and there was eye contact. When there was a delay checking in one passenger due to some missing paperwork, she looked at the rest of us in the line and apologized for the delay. She treated each and every person as an individual, not as passenger number 345.

Both of these amazing service professionals understood that great customer service is about personalizing the transaction.  There are thousands of people who efficiently enter data into computers, who process credit card transactions and who correctly supply information. The service professionals who make their customers feel valued and special are much harder to find.

If you have some of those special people working for you, thank them and value them as much as they value the people they serve.

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