Positively Powerful

Mondays … the beginning of another week full of opportunities or five more days until the weekend?

Customers…distractions keeping us from getting our work done or the reason we get up and go to work?

How you choose to view life and the many situations that arise on a daily basis has a powerful impact on your life and those around you.  I believe that a positive attitude leads to success, both personally and professionally.

The one thing that we have 100% control over is how we choose to face the day.  My schedule has been absolutely crazy lately, so yesterday I got up early to get caught up on a variety of tasks that were piling up on my desk.  The wrong foot must have hit the floor first, because it seemed like the first half hour was filled with one annoyance after another; the light bulb burned out in the hallway; as I stumbled down the hall in the dark, I tripped over the cat; I dropped the bag of coffee; the laptop wasn’t plugged in and I was in full on clumsy mode and dropped the power cord at least three times while trying to plug it in!  I was getting growlier and growlier by the minute.

At that point, I made a conscious decision to stop the grumbling and have a good day and guess what, I did!  If I had instead chosen to keep grumbling, I’m pretty sure I would have gone to bed in the same bad mood I started out with.

A lot of times, that is exactly what it comes down to. We can choose to focus on little annoyances or we can choose to focus on the positives around us.  We cannot necessarily control what will happen to us, but we can absolutely choose how we will respond to it.

Choosing to focus on the positive makes you and those around you feel better. So go ahead, make your day, and someone else’s day, positive.

“One sings, all follow” – Chinese Proverb

2 thoughts on “Positively Powerful

  1. Hello Laurie,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, really enjoy reading your newsletter!

    Have a positive week!

    John van Houdt,
    Amazing Cruises and Safaris

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