Maintain Your Passion

Recently I shared with you three things that are important to me from a career perspective; challenge, change & common value.  Right now, I am sitting back after facilitating two half day sessions at an annual conference and recognized again just how important interaction with others is to me.

I thrive on the exchange of information and ideas.  Learning from others, sharing best practices and being involved with people that are excited as I am about learning, about enhancing skills and about expanding possibilities is invigorating.

The realities of being an entrepreneur means that I am not only a speaker and facilitator, I am also developer, sales, marketing, accounting, etc, etc, etc.  Paperwork must be done, reports must be prepared, new presentations and training sessions must be developed.  As important as those tasks are, they are not activities that excite me, so whenever I have the chance to interact with and learn from other professionals, I jump at it.

It can be very easy to get bogged down by your “to-do” list and to let those tasks take you away from your inspiration.  Each of you has something that keeps you motivated; that makes you remember why you made the career decision you did.  Be sure to allocate time for your inspiration.

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