Feed Your Soul

A lot of us lead pretty hectic lives.  We are busy, busy, busy following up on leads, closing deals, completing projects, taking care of the family, walking the dog, cleaning the house and on and on and on.

Sometimes, we feel starved for time and so, in order to make sure that we get through all the things on our “to-do” list, we neglect to feed our souls; we don’t spend time focusing on the things that truly matter; the things that, at the end of our day, our week, our year or our life, make us smile.

I’ve added three little words, one more item, to my “to-do” list.  Those three little words are “Feed My Soul.”  Every day, I am going to give myself some time for the following:

Dreaming:  I remember as a child, lying on my back, looking at the sky and dreaming.  Back then, there were no restrictions to my dreams; I could be anyone or anything I wanted to be.  As I grew up, the heavy ropes of logic and reasoning tethered my dreams to the ground and I lost the ability to let my soul and my mind fly free.  Dreaming isn’t supposed to be logical or rational.  It’s not about whether the dreams are possible; it’s about opening my mind to possibilities and wonders.

Treasuring family:   It seems like just yesterday my son was crazy about trains and my daughter was going to be a princess ballerina.  My son just turned 20. He no longer lives at home, he’s going to school, he’s working, he has a wonderful woman in his life and I don’t see him every day anymore.  My daughter is 17 and her dreams are going to take her on wonderful adventures, far from home and all too soon, she and I will be skyping instead of chatting across the table.  I am going to take time each day to spend quality time with someone in my family; either in person with those close by or on the phone with those further away.

Meditating:  Turning off the phones, the radio, the TV, finding my inner quiet place and listening to my thoughts helps me refocus on what is important to me.  The conscious effort and decision to spend time listening to only my thoughts, my inner voice, keeps me grounded.  Sometimes it means listening to my inner voice tell me that I need to make change, that I need to let go of pride, that I need to apologize or atone for bad behaviour.  Whatever the voice is saying, making the time to listen feeds my soul.

Making someone’s day:  I truly believe that making someone smile, making someone feel appreciated, making someone’s day just a bit better, benefits the giver just as much, if not more, than the recipient.

There is no denying the importance of bread and butter; it feeds the body.  As you make sure the basics, food and shelter, are taken care of, I encourage you to also spend time on activities that brings you joy, that make you smile and  that feed  your soul.

1 thought on “Feed Your Soul

  1. Your words hit home-I absolutely believe in what you are saying and I try to live my life that way, although I do need reminders! Thanks for the wake-up call.

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