My Three C’s

We are very close to wrapping up another year and opening up a brand new one.   What an opportune time for reflection and contemplation.  I know, reflection and contemplation should be an on-going activity, not an annual event, but something about this definitive end and beginning invites the revisiting of old ideas, goals and challenges.

 I was recently asked the question “What is important to you from a career perspective?”   What an excellent contemplative question.  As I reflected on this question and my career journey to date, I identified three key areas of importance to me:  challenge, change and common values.

I gain a real sense of satisfaction when I take on a new challenge, learn something new, create change. “Same old, same old” is not for me.  That means that, for me, if a company is looking for someone to maintain the status quo, then I am not the right person for them.  I have been known to jump headlong into projects or tasks that I was not “qualified” for. There have been mistakes along the way and each one of those mistakes has provided a learning opportunity, some more painful than others, but all valuable.

From a corporate perspective, I believe that all companies, including my own, should demonstrate integrity, should respect and care for the local and global community and should not be satisfied with simply maintaining the status quo.   In the past, financial realities may have kept me in a setting longer than I would have liked, but in the end, I packed my bags and fled a job I enjoyed when the organization’s values were in direct contrast to my own.  Opportunities to work with or partner with organizations that share my values are exciting, rewarding and very important to me.

Taking the time to answer the question “What is important to you from a career perspective?” was extremely valuable to me and will help set the direction for me and my company in 2012.    I’d love to hear from you … “What is important to you from a career perspective?”

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