Quick tip to increase revenue… return phone calls!

Last week I was working in my home office and went to the kitchen to grab a coffee refill.  As I walked by the the patio doors in the living room, I noticed a wasp had gotten into the house.  I quickly grabbed my fly swatter and did what had to be done. Over the next 15 minutes, I killed 24 more wasps!  At that point, I put down the fly swatter, googled “Winnipeg pest exterminators” and called the number to a well-established company in Winnipeg.  After leaving a message explaining my problem, I went back to killing about 20 more wasps.

That company has still not called me back.  When there was no call back that day, the first thing I did the following morning was call AAA Plus Exterminators. Rob answered my call, quoted me a price and told me that he would be there that afternoon to fix our problem.  And then he was and he did.  Rob found where they were getting in the house, both from the outside and then the inside, he sprayed the nest and then advised on what we needed to do to close off the entry points, all in about 1/2 an hour.

I hope I never need to call a pest control company again, but if I do, guess which company I’m going to call?  And guess which company I am going to recommend to anyone who needs those services?  Rob at AAA Plus Exterminators has also given me an excellent story to use when I conduct my customer service training sessions and that means a lot more people are going to hear about him and his company.

Whether requests for information or pleas for help are coming to you by email, on your Facebook page or on the telephone, make sure that you are responding in a timely manner or you risk losing that customer to a competitor … not just once but for life.

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