Are You Easy to Do Business With?

A company I am working with manages a large number of hotels across the country.  They want an on-line training platform, complete with tracking and assessment capabilities. That means that lately, I have been spending a considerable amount of time looking for and researching various LMS (on-line learning management systems) options.   I am not an expert at LMS platforms so when I find information on-line that seems to meet the identified requirements, I want to speak to a real-live person.  My assumption is that people who work for the organization will be the experts and will be able to provide additional insight into what to look for when making a decision. The second assumption is that they will want the opportunity to extol the benefits of their product over others in the hopes that I will end up using their platform.

It would seem that I am wrong.   Finding contact information that will direct me to a real, live person has been a challenge.  All the companies give me the opportunity to download a trial version and a number provide me the option to chat on-line, but try finding a phone number!  The problem … that is not how I want to do business and many organizations have eliminated themselves from consideration because I have not been able to communicate with them the way I want to.

How easy is it for your customers or potential customers to do business with you?  Can they easily get information from you or contact you via a variety of channels?  Does your website provide answers to the questions your customers are asking?  If like me, some of your customers use technology for research but then prefer to speak to a real-live person, how easy is it for them to do that?

Your customers should not have to work  hard to do business with you.  Take the time to look at your communication tools from a customer’s perspective and if you identify potential roadblocks … get rid of them!

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